Today’s recruiting emphasis is about attracting the best fire/rescue personnel who represent the community they serve, so...

ESCI has developed recruitment and entry-level testing programs that attract and employ progressive, smart, and diverse applicants.

Once hired, we help you retain and promote your employees through...

Written exams, assessment centers, accomplishment records, and other tools that are highly customized and are developed from industry-leading texts and subject matter experts.

ESCI’s Human Capital programs extend to...

Performance appraisal, benefits and compensation comparisons, career development programs, company officer training, mid-management training, and leadership training.

Set yourself apart from the competition...

Through one-on-one leadership coaching, resume building and review, interview and assessment center preparation, and anything you need to best succeed, ESCI's executive mentorship program is designed to help you forge your unique path as you take the next step.


ESCI offers a selection of affordable Written Promotional Tests, Assessment Centers and Entrance Level Exams for fire, law enforcement, and EMS departments. Tests are customized by writing questions and assessments directly from your department’s internal policies and operating guidelines, and from the leading industry textbooks.

Other Human Capital Programs

ESCI offers executive recruitment and selection, compensation and benefits comparisons, selection interviews, entrance recruitment programs, performance appraisal and career development.


Our training programs include company officer, mid-management and leadership training that can be delivered in numerous ways. ESCI can provide onsite trainers or we can provide ‘train-the-trainer’ services so that your personnel can conduct the program. These training programs can be customized to address any other leadership issues in your department.

Succession Planning

ESCI offers on-site succession analysis, planning, and implementation options for a department to develop a fully customized Succession Management Program. We deliver a report that describes the results of our data collection effort, a suggested Succession Management Plan, and methods to facilitate the implementation.

Contact Us

Contact Dr. Cassi Fields, Vice President, or Jennifer Flaig, Director, Human Capital Division, to learn more.