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ESCI has completed numerous public safety, police, fire, and EMS studies utilizing our highly qualified staff. ESCI has a working knowledge and understanding of contemporary fire, EMS, and police organizations and the complexity of current delivery systems, as well as our ability to utilize advanced analytical technology and methodology to ensure accurate observations and recommendations.

Today’s emphasis on recruiting fire/rescue personnel who best represent the community they serve is based on a demand from the public that their public safety department meets their diverse needs. Knowing this, ESCI has developed recruitment and entry-level testing programs that attract and employ progressive, smart, and diverse applicants. We help departments retain and cultivate these employees through all ranks using innovative and effective promotional systems, including written exams, assessment centers, accomplishment records, and other highly customized tools developed from industry-leading texts. 

ESCI’s Human Capital programs extend to performance appraisal, benefits and compensation comparisons, career development programs, company officer training, mid-management training, and leadership training. 

ESCI’s Human Capital programs are transformative; they positively impact a fire/rescue emergency services department’s personnel from the beginning of their careers to the end. 

Public Safety Entrance Exam

ESCI offers entrance exams for Law Enforcement and Fire Rescue.  Our entrance exams are administered using a proctored online testing platform; allowing our clients to broaden their outreach and minimize expenses associated with renting costly testing facilities.  Our user-friendly platform ensures a smooth and secure testing experience for candidates.  ESCI’s Public Safety Entrance Exams are crafted by industry experts and Industrial/Organizational Psycholgists, incorporating the latest developments and skills required in the ever-evolving field of public safety.  We adopt a comprehensive approach to identify highly qualified candidates, as our exams extend beyond conventional aptitude, encompassing the evaluation of emotional intelligence, problem-solving abilities, and work behavior.

Testing and Assessment 

ESCI offers a selection of affordable written promotional tests, Assessment Centers, and Entrance Level Exams for fire, law enforcement, and EMS departments. Tests are customized by writing questions and assessments directly from your department’s internal policies and operating guidelines. Tests are also available written from the leading industry textbooks. 

Executive Recruitment 

ESCI offers executive recruitment and selection, compensation and benefits comparisons, selection interviews, entrance recruitment programs, performance appraisal, and career development plans. See current executive recruitment openings >


Our training programs include company officer, mid-management, and leadership training that can be delivered in numerous ways. ESCI can provide onsite trainers, or we can provide ‘train-the-trainer’ services so that your personnel can conduct the program. These training programs can be customized to address any other leadership issues in your department. 

Succession Planning 

ESCI offers onsite succession analysis, planning, and implementation options for a department to develop a fully customized Succession Management Program. We deliver a report that describes the results of our data collection effort, a suggested Succession Management Plan, and methods to facilitate the implementation. 


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