Emergency Services Consulting International (ESCI) is an international firm founded by Jack Snook. Our firm provides specialized, high-quality, professional fire, police, communications, and EMS consulting services to organizations throughout the United States and Canada. ESCI has been meeting the needs of emergency services agencies since 1976 and is considered by many to be the nation’s leader in public safety consulting. Utilizing a mix of full-time and consultants nationwide, ESCI provides consulting services to municipalities, districts, nonprofit organizations, and the industrial and commercial community.

Key elements to our approach include:

  • Operate on the principles of honesty, integrity, and service
  • Provide expertise and guidance that enhances community safety
  • Encourage creative solutions to complex system dilemmas
  • All of our consultants are active practitioners in their respective fields
  • Recognized as an expert in the field by the emergency service community

ESCI’s Proven Expertise

ESCI’s advantage begins with our technical expertise and capability, extends to our experienced and highly qualified staff, and concludes with a product that will enable organizations to meet the challenges of providing future fire protection and emergency medical services.

Our teams have first-hand experience in the process of analyzing emergency service providers and recommending an array of opportunities that are economically, culturally, and operationally feasible.
All of ESCI’s field associates are proven practitioners in their respective fields, with many involved in highly visible and responsible national leadership positions in law enforcement and fire/rescue services. We offer proven methods to improve your effectiveness by understanding the complexity of your issues, challenges, and responsibilities. ESCI encourages creative solutions to complex system dilemmas. The firm recognizes the local environment's cultural, economic, operational, legal, and political realities. ESCI avoids preconceived biases to develop and implement imaginative and long-lasting solutions. In addition, ESCI equips its clients with the background, understanding, and confidence to tackle future problems as they arise. ESCI has been a trusted advisor, counselor, and consultant throughout the United States and Canada since 1976.

ESCI is committed to providing the highest value in consulting services by utilizing teams of professionals who have served in the industry at almost every level. They have distinguished service and advice careers that set them apart as industry experts. The mission of ESCI is to improve public safety by facilitating the best, most advanced policy decisions. We will accomplish this by providing the highest value of consulting services and educational programs. ESCI utilizes a team of professionals committed to offering highly beneficial programs covering current and anticipated fire, police, communications, emergency management, and emergency medical services issues and needs. Emergency services organizations are experiencing increasing demands while financial resources are under increased scrutiny and pressure. Everyone is being asked to do more with less. In this environment, local government must improve efficiency and performance with measurable results.

Creative Solutions for Changing Times

Since the beginning, ESCI has operated on the principles of honesty, integrity, and service. ESCI’s philosophy is to maintain an active involvement within the emergency service disciplines and related fields, staying ahead of the rapid changes and issues facing our clients.