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Risk Assessment & Deployment

ESCI has completed numerous public safety, police, fire, and EMS studies utilizing our highly qualified staff. ESCI has a working knowledge and understanding of contemporary fire, EMS, and police organizations and the complexity of current delivery systems, as well as our ability to utilize advanced analytical technology and methodology to ensure accurate observations and recommendations.

It is essential that your fire department is deploying effective resources in a manner that aligns with community risk, has measured response performance, and is cost-effective. 

A Community Risk Assessment – Standards of Cover is focused on resource deployment – fire stations, apparatus, and people, that match the community needs. It is a detailed analysis of deployment based on the following elements: 

  • Community Risk Assessment 
  • Resource Concentration 
  • Resource Distribution 
  • Response Performance 
  • Response Reliability 
  • Service Demand by Type and Location 

The process is data-driven and critical for fire safety communities seeking to coordinate resources and community risk with the goal of driving efficient and effective deployment. The process also meets the needs of the fire department accreditation process. 

Community Risk Assessment 

The Community Risk Assessment provides an assessment of risk and potential risks present in the service area and prioritizes them for risk reduction efforts. This community risk assessment is focused on whole-community risk reduction and, in many cases, contributes to a standard of Cover. 

Standards of Cover 

ESCI’s Standards of Cover study has its foundations in applicable standards and benchmarks, as well as the statistical data and experience gained through hundreds of previous deployment analysis studies. The analysis uses innovative technology, tools, concepts, and analysis to provide comprehensive deployment solutions geared toward achieving the community’s service level expectations with the opportunity to be a living document that provides periodic and/ or real-time performance and outcome visualization. 

Risk Reduction Planning 

Creating actionable plans based on identified community risks is a best practice for 21st-century fire and emergency services organizations. ESCI uses industry leaders in Community Risk Reduction to create customized plans for public engagement and community partnerships that create measurable and positive outcomes.  


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