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ESCI has completed numerous public safety, police, fire, and EMS studies utilizing our highly qualified staff. ESCI has a working knowledge and understanding of contemporary fire, EMS, and police organizations and the complexity of current delivery systems, as well as our ability to utilize advanced analytical technology and methodology to ensure accurate observations and recommendations.

Choosing the right planning tools for your department depends on your needs, your community’s conditions, and your current and expected growth. Different types of planning tools are often confused with one another, and the terminology used to describe them often differs from place to place. Every fire, EMS, and law enforcement agency, large or small, should use a strategic planning process, resulting in a three to five-year “road map” for the organization. A Master Plan is a high-level, long-range plan that is particularly important for communities experiencing growth. 

Long Range Master Planning 

The Long-Range Master Plan identifies your organization’s future challenges and what you will need to meet them over a 10 to 15-year planning window. The result is a master planning report laid out in simple, easy-to-understand formats that follow a time-proven technique for emergency services master planning. 

Strategic Planning 

ESCI uses a proven method for developing an actionable strategic plan to guide the organization toward short-term goals and objectives. The process solicits feedback from both employee and community stakeholder groups to create a framework for success. 

Station Location Studies 

ESCI evaluates current and potential station locations and deployment of equipment and personnel against industry standards and offers infrastructure/deployment and staffing recommendations that will best address the changing risk profile as the community continues to grow and change in the future. 


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    Available ESCI Services

      • Long-Range Master Planning
      • Strategic Planning
      • Cooperative Efforts Feasibility
      • Community Risk Assessments
      • Standards of Cover
      • Agency Evaluations
      • Fire Chief, Police Chief, and Other Public Safety Executive Recruitment
      • Fire & Police Department Promotional Testing/Assessment
      • Supervisory & Leadership Training

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