ESCI Services Are Now Available Through

FireRescue GPO

NPPGov’s FireRescue GPO uses a Lead Public Agency to solicit and award contracts through a public Request for Proposal process. “Piggybacking” language is inserted into the RFP and resulting contract, allowing members to utilize these contracts for public procurement purchases, without completing their own RFP process.

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A Fist Full of Bugles: A Fire Chief’s Survival Guide

This invaluable resource by Fire Chief Scott A. Weninger (Retired) EFO, CFO, ExMPA, will lead you through down-to-earth and practical steps for achieving your fullest potential as a new fire chief. A very special thanks goes to Chief Weninger for sharing this remarkable resource.

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Cooperative Efforts/Shared Services Feasibility Studies

One of the principal challenges emergency services organizations face is dealing with decreasing resources while, at the same time, trying to satisfy demands for new and/or expanded services. More and more, emergency agencies seek alternative strategies to address these and other issues. One option is developing or expanding cooperative relationships with other similar organizations.  There are many options available to organizations that desire to pursue a more formal relationship with neighboring jurisdictions. These choices may…

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Benchmarking for Improvement: ISO and ESCI Team Up

How do you demonstrate to the people and community you serve that you’re doing a good job? Do you have a clear, definitive method to show you provide quality service with the resources you have? What data points are appropriate for a true peer review and accurate comparison of your service delivery? Many fire departments have conducted benchmarking studies for years, but when you review the comparisons, the data points are often measured differently among…

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