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CP3 Webinar: Gender to Gender in F/RWhere's the Line? Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

The IAFC and ESCI, the consulting arm of the IAFC presented the second in a series of webinars exploring how fire service leaders can best address personnel-management challenges in fire departments today.

Hosted by Cassi L. Fields, PhD., vice president of ESCI Human Capital Division, Sexual Harassment in the Workplace, discussed victims, bystanders, and leadership's role in creating an environment free of harassment. The presenter collaborated on common on-the-job occurrences and how to best handle them.

Randy Langsam, CEO, RSL Employee Compliance

Additional Materials:
Sexual Harassment Best Practices

Participants learned to:

    • Identify F/R situations where sexual harassment may occur
    • Identify how victims and bystanders should react
    • Identify how to create an environment that inhibits and prohibits sexual harassment

CP3 Webinar: Inclusive Leadership

Hosted by Dr. Cassi L. Fields, PhD., vice president of ESCI Human Capital Division, Inclusive Leadership addressed how fire departments can move strategically toward becoming inclusive organizations.

Sheldon Gilbert, CEO, ESCI
Trisha Wolford, Fire Chief, Anne Arundel County (Maryland) Fire Department
Jo-Ann Lorber, Assistant Chief, Ft. Lauderdale (Florida) Fire Department

Participants will learn:

    • Practical methods to move your organization toward more inclusivity
    • Identifying barriers to inclusivity at the macro (policies, leadership) and micro level (individual member exclusion)
    • Practical methods to eliminate inclusivity barriers or outright exclusionary practices

CP3: Taking Command of Persistent People Problems

This session will explore:

    • Persistent people problems we all face
    • Multiple causes of people problems
    • Practical solutions to actual people problems facing webinar participants

By sharing stories and discussing best practices, every participant learned practical solutions to resolve and prevent persistent people problems.

Schedule of Current Webinar Series

April 30:  The Persistent People Problems Never End and I am Tired of Them!

May 28:  Becoming an Inclusive Department. Dr. Fields is the main speaker.  Hi-Ann Lorber, FC Trisha Wilford, and a few other fire chiefs to join in.

June 25:  Gender to Gender in F/R:  Where’s the Line?  Guest Speaker:  Randy Langsam, Licensed Healthcare Risk Manager, RSL Healthcare Consulting.

    • Uncomfortable situations and fitting in
    • Can we touch?
    • How harassment is concealed from others in F/R
    • Changing the culture

July 30:  Interviewing Applicants for Firefighter-Paramedic to Chief – Plagued with Problems

iCHIEFS Podcast: Episode 2

The path to becoming fire chief is often challenging and unpredictable. With that in mind, how can you best prepare to become a five-bugle chief?

Join co-hosts Tom Jenkins, Rogers, Arkansas Fire Chief and 20172018 IAFC President, and Sheldon Gilbert, ESCI Chief Executive Officer, for episode two of iCHIEFS. Special guests include Anne Arundel County (Maryland) Fire Chief Trisha Wolford and Prince William County (Virginia) Chief (Retired) Mary Beth Michos, who will share their experiences and address key elements of preparation, including:

    • Formal education/training
    • Political and policy development skills and experience
    • Public speaking and communication
    • Work history and reputation
    • Teachable potential, succession planning, and job shadowing participation

Chief Michos also discusses the IAFC's Fire Service Executive Development Institute (FSEDI), a program which prepares aspiring chiefs to apply for and go through promotion and chief position processes.

Look out for the next podcast episode in August: Succeeding in Your First 100 Days as Fire Chief.

iCHIEFS Podcast: Episode 1

The IAFC is pleased to announce the launch of the new iCHIEFS Podcasts. Each month co-hosts Tom Jenkins, Rogers, Arkansas Fire Chief and 2017-2018 IAFC president, and Sheldon Gilbert, ESCI's Chief Executive Officer, will discuss hot-button issues with leaders in the fire and emergency service.

Episode 1 explores reducing cancer risk for firefighters in conjunction with Safety Stand Down Week, June 16-22. On the podcast, Chief Nathan Trauernicht, University of California-Davis, and Chief Louie Bright (Ret.), Dallas Fire-Rescue share their experiences addressing firefighter cancer and strategies they employed to reduce risk and discuss Safety Stand Down Week, June 16-22.

Upcoming podcast topics include The Gold Standard: Preparing to be Chief and Succeeding in Your First 100 Days as Chief.

"I am very excited about the launch of iCHIEFS Podcasts," said Chief Dan Eggleston, IAFC president and chairman of the board. "These podcasts will provide forward-thinking leadership that recognizes and responds to emerging trends and opportunities which is an important component of the IAFC's mission. I know co-hosts Jenkins and Gilbert will do a terrific job and I thank them for taking on this challenge."