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Situational Awareness: It’s Not Just for the Fireground Anymore!

ESCI’s CEO Sheldon Gilbert and Human Capital Division VP Dr. Cassi Fields will present at
Fire Rescue International 2017 in Charleston, North Carolina.

Thu, 7/27/2017: 3:30 PM  – 5:00 PM
Session Room: 213 CD

Fire departments are being challenged by increased public scrutiny of department personnel issues, questions about staffing and response, and fiscal responsibility. Opening the doors to the firehouse and the inner workings of departments has occurred due to an increase in media inquiries. Fire Chiefs and Public Information Officers must know how to handle these inquiries to balance the public’s need to know against confidentiality and protection of the department reputation.

Learning Objectives
1.  Attendees will gain an understanding of what the new reality is and receive practical tools to manage fire service opportunities and challenges
2. Attendees will participate in case studies of organizations and fire departments who were successful or unsuccessful in managing change and identify the subsequent benefits and or consequences
3. Attendees will leave with a clear understanding and identified steps to ensure effective and and dynamic leadership is provided
4. Attendees will leave with the key elements of a successful succession planning program and be provided with several options and elements to utilize in a succession plan

Cassi Fields, Emergency Services Consulting International (ESCI)
Sheldon Gilbert, Emergency Services Consulting International (ESCI)

Core Education Program (CEP)