Agency Assessment Tool

How It Works

ESCI and Intterra have teamed up to develop a new fire department self-assessment tool, enabling agencies to review their department policies, structure, and progress in meeting NFPA and industry standards and best practices.

The Agency Assessment consists of 12 subject areas. An agency POC can register online by filling out a registration form.

Once registration is confirmed, your agency receives a unique ID to take the assessment for each of the subject areas. At the conclusion of each subject area, you’ll receive a tailored assessment report and be directed back to the landing page to take subsequent surveys.

Survey Subject Areas

    • Organizational Profile – Summary of Fire Agency Demographics
    • Governance and Organizational Overview
    • Finance and Budget
    • Capital Asset Management
    • Service Delivery and Response Performance
    • Fire and EMS Training Programs
    • Personnel Management
    • Staffing and Personnel Deployment
    • EMS Programs and Oversight
    • Technical Rescue Practices
    • Hazardous Materials Response
    • Fire Prevention and Community Risk Reduction


    • Enables departments to focus on areas for improvement to prioritize and implement strategic plans.
    • Provides tools and assessments PRIOR to engaging in expensive consulting engagements.
    • Streamlines streamline data gathering that allows for more informed decisions about focused areas needing assessment, consulting, and data management services.
    • Serves as a benchmark for departments to review their progress and maintained awareness of best practices across the fire community.

Use Cases

    • Growing/Evolving fire departments that are experiencing increases in mission, expectation, and service delivery.
    • Departments considering improvements in specific functional areas.
    • Agencies that are deciding on the scope of possible consulting engagements.
    • Consulting companies that are engaged to support a fire department process improvement.

Standards of Cover Analysis

The Future of Planning and Analysis

Meeting the demands placed on today’s fire agencies requires accurate, real-time analysis and decision making. Combining Intterra’s industry leading technology and data visualization tools and ESCI’s 40-plus years of expert consulting and planning services, we’re ready to help your agency re-imagine its Standard of Cover planning.

ESCI recognizes that effective strategic operational planning has always been about understanding what the people and data in your organization are saying. And as times have changed, and agencies struggle to understand the patterns in the incredible amount of data, ESCI recognizes that it is time to bring new tools to the fight.

Teaming with Intterra, an industry leading fire data company, we’re introducing an augmented set of offerings for modern public safety agencies that combine expert consulting with integrated reporting, analytics, and dashboards that stay with you and your agency well after your report has been produced.

Why We're Doing It

Traditionally, the fire service’s approach to process improvement involved launching a study, creating a working group of staff and consultants, and preparing an expert analysis.

We’re changing all that, with live performance metrics and Standards of Cover analysis that stays with the agency to measure your progress toward achieving the recommendations you have received.

Connecting directly with your systems means:
    • Real-time CAD & RMS connections providing 24/7 analytics.
    • Living Standard of Cover showing progress made and where to focus your efforts.
    • Dashboards for monitoring performance and measuring success.
    • Understanding what the data means by jurisdiction, battalion station and unit.
    • Easy to read reports that to share with budget and policy makers.
    • Transparency that ensures everyone is on the same page.

Find Out More

Contact ESCI or Intterra to learn more about our wide-ranging analytics, reporting tools, and planning services.
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