Nearly all communities within the United States have experienced, and will continue to experience, growth. For some, the rapid pace of growth has been a significant challenge. Often the demands for services have increased faster than the capabilities of the organizations providing them. All indications suggest that community growth will continue to be a critical issue for many years to come.

Emergency Services Consulting International (ESCI) has developed the Growth Management Plan to assist public safety agencies in developing solutions for the long-term needs of their communities.  This effort will:

  • Define the current level of services being provided
  • Develop a comprehensive workload analysis of the emergency services
  • Project workload based on a thorough assessment of potential growth in the community

The ESCI team facilitates an in-depth discussion of community expectations for emergency services and the development of performance measures and targets. These define the level of service expected by the community in measurable terms.

Based on projected growth and defined community expectations, options for delivery of service are developed and analyzed. Options are included for the following:

  • Resource deployment
  • Station/facility location
  • Alternative staffing models
  • Risk mitigation
  • Technology improvements
  • Cooperation and partnership opportunities
  • Organizational structure
  • Service delivery methods
  • Funding alternatives
  • New service opportunities

The analysis of options includes cost, benefit, and the degree to which each option will help to achieve performance targets.

Selected options are incorporated into a long-range plan for implementation. Systems are developed for the ongoing monitoring of performance measures and targets. This allows emergency service and community leaders to make periodic adjustments in the plan to ensure success over the long term.

As emergency service leaders are tasked to “do more with less” in high growth environments, the need for a focused review of service delivery options becomes critical. ESCI associates bring a wealth of experience and information to this effort, providing creative solutions to emergency service issues facing you and your community.