By Jack W. Snook, Dan C. Olson, and Jeff Johnson

Starting with a results-oriented management approach, the third edition of Recruiting, Training and Maintaining Volunteer Firefighters has updated material to answer today’s tough questions and is completely revised to meet the changing demands of today’s volunteer fire department. With Recruiting, Training and Maintaining Volunteer Firefighters you’ll see how to achieve results fast… learn ways to develop your “people”… what’s needed to build confidence and competence.

To volunteer is to choose to act in recognition of a need, with an attitude of social responsibility, and without concern for monetary profit, going beyond what is necessary for one’s physical well being.

Learn to:

  • Develop a strategic plan for your department.
  • Develop goals and objectives for success.
  • Recruit quality volunteers.
  • Retain volunteers.
  • Use proven motivators and rewards to help your volunteers succeed.
  • Determine your need for volunteers.
  • Screen and train volunteers.
  • Meet volunteer needs.
  • Communicate and lead volunteers effectively.
  • Recognize “those” red flags and what to do when problems arise.

Save yourself mis-steps, wasted energy, and costly errors with new chapters on:

  • Customer service.
  • Public relations.
  • Marketing your fire department.
  • Developing a strategic plan for volunteer fire departments.
  • The history of the fire service.
  • You’ll use what you learn in the third edition of Recruiting, Training and Maintaining Volunteer Firefighters right away – react with confidence, know how to handle “it” when “it” happens, and keep your volunteers motivated and involved.
  • You’ll learn how to build a winning team with the ten-point program.
  • You’ll learn how to take charge and achieve results fast.
  • Tips for supervising people who are your peers and friends.

And the best volunteer guidebook gets even better…We’ve even enclosed templates of forms to use in the administration of volunteer firefighters.

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