Critical Supervisory Skills in Fire and Rescue 

Products Include:

The Critical Supervisory Skills in Fire and Rescue Student Workbook contains a detailed description of each slide in the PowerPoint presentation so that students can focus on participating rather than having to take extensive notes. In addition, the Student Workbook contains self-development tools so that each student will have specific goals to work towards once the class is finished.

This manual is an all-inclusive administration guide for the course instructor. The Critical Supervisory Skills in Fire and Rescue Instructor Manual includes all of the learning objectives, checklists for necessary materials, descriptions of the video examples, class discussions, and in-class exercises.  Instructors can customize class discussions and exercises to emphasize your department’s unique procedures, experiences and goals!

The Critical Supervisory Skills in Fire and Rescue Training CD contains the PowerPoint slides for all 5 Training Modules.  The slideshows are embedded with videos designed to generate class discussion on presented topics.  This training format allows the instructor to have full control over the pace of the training and provides the opportunity to spend more time on priority topics in your department.

The Critical Supervisory Skills in Fire and Rescue Instructor Set contains all of the materials necessary for new instructors of the training course.

The Instructor Set Includes:

    • 1 Training CD that covers the 5 Modules
    • 1 Instructor Manual
    • 1 Certification Test

The Critical Supervisory Skills in Fire and Rescue Box Set includes all the tools you'll need to conduct the training at your station!

    •  2 Training CDs that cover the 5 Modules
      •  Communicating Performance Expectations
      •  Observing and Documenting Job Performance
      •  Evaluating Performance and Taking Action
      •  Problem Solving
      •  The Seven Steps to Changing Performance
    •  2 Instructor Manuals
    •  2 Certification Tests
    • 15 Student Manuals

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