Our Entry Exams covers core competency areas determined to be key contributors to successful performance as an entry level firefighter, police officer, or deputy sheriff.  These competency areas include (in no particular order): Integrity, Reading Comprehension, Verbal Comprehension, Teamwork, Customer Service Orientation/Sensitivity, Attention to Detail, Problem Solving/Critical Thinking, Conscientiousness, Estimation Ability/Math, and Graphic Representation.

Our Entry Level Exam is administered in a multi-media format and consists of audio questions, video-based questions, and images/pictures.  It has been proven to be fair to all candidates.

The entire test program includes narration of the questions and answers, along with a test booklet containing all of the narrated text (all questions and answers).

Contact us for additional information.  We can design testing packages that provide all of the elements needed to run this exam including the test video, exam booklets, bubble sheets, and test administrators and we can score the exams and provide results on-site or as soon as the next business day.

Sample Question #1

Sample Question #2

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