ESCI has been awarded the following projects:

City of Anacortes, Washington – West Skagit County Fire and EMS Cooperative Services Facilitation

This project will conduct a baseline organizational assessment of the current conditions and service models of each agency. With this information, ESCI will look at future opportunities for cooperative efforts; focusing on general partnering, governance alternatives, and fiscal analysis.

City of Whitewater, Wisconsin – Fire and EMS Services Review and Analysis

ESCI will evaluate current conditions, current and future risks within the community, and develop future delivery system models. With this information, this project will identify areas of improvement and provide recommendations to enhance service delivery and improve performance and efficiency with available resources.

Boring Fire District No. 59 and Clackamas County Fire District No. 1, Oregon – Cooperative Services Feasibility Study

This project will analyze the options available regarding future service delivery, organizational structure, and financial stability. ESCI will also evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness gained by each agency through their current Intergovernmental Agreement for Volunteer Coordination and Other Shared Services.

McMinnville Police Department, Oregon – Strategic Plan

This project will develop a strategic plan utilizing information developed during an external stakeholders session along with a one-day strategic planning “retreat”. ESCI will direct the local planning team to establish realistic goals, objectives, critical tasks, and timelines that are imperative to the organization, which will provide the department with necessary direction and guidance into the future.