ESCI has been awarded the following projects:

Wausau, Wisconsin – Organizational Review of the Fire Department. This project will assess current organizational conditions, service performances, future community conditions, service demands, and fire protection risks. ESCI will then use the completed evaluation of each agency and assessment of future emergency services needs to identify opportunities and feasibility of cooperative efforts.

North Snohomish County, Washington – Cooperative Services. This project creates a baseline assessment of current organizational conditions and service performances, and will use that information to identify opportunities and feasibility for collaborative options. From here, ESCI will identify areas of duplication that can be reduced through consolidation efforts, as well as potential service improvements. 

Westwood, Massachusetts – Fire and Ambulance Services Study. In this project, ESCI will provide strategies intended to place the organization in a position to successfully serve its future demand and risk. Various operational models for providing emergency services will be developed and analyzed with the intent of identifying the options that can deliver the desired levels of service identified in the previous task at the most efficient cost.

Truckee Meadows Fire Protection District, Nevada – Strategic Plan Facilitation. This project will develop a strategic plan utilizing information developed during an internal member survey along with a strategic planning retreat. ESCI will direct the local planning team to establish realistic goals, objectives, critical tasks, and timelines that are imperative to the organization, which will provide the department with necessary direction and guidance into the future.