ESCI has been awarded the following projects:

The Rio Blanco County Fire Protection District ~ Meeker, Colorado 2012 Master Plan project. This project will provide strategies intended to place the organization in a position to successfully serve its service demand and risk. ESCI will develop and analyze various models for providing adequate staffing for emergency services with the specific intent of identifying those options that can deliver the desired levels of service at the most efficient cost.

The Lincoln County, Oregon Collaborative Effort Feasibility Study. ESCI will identify opportunities and feasibility for collaborative options.  The project team will identify areas of duplication that can be reduced through consolidation efforts, as well as potential service improvements. 

The Kirkland Fire and Building Department, Washington Organizational Evaluation, Future Planning and Feasibility of Cooperative Service Delivery study. ESCI will help establish specific goals and/or objectives that will be continuoulsy updated as priorities change.  These goals and objectives can then be used to identify what has been achieved and to denote changes within the community and the organization to provide direction and guidance into the future.