Public Safety Executive Placement Services

Emergency Services Consulting offers a public safety executive recruitment program designed to find the best match to lead your agency.  Dr. Cassi Fields, Vice President of the ESCI-Fields Human Capital Division is a nationally known expert on selection of public safety personnel.  ESCI is the consulting arm of the International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC) and therefore we not only have access to, but have worked with, all national and international Fire Chiefs and their executive staffs.

The ESCI-Fields Human Capital Division is working to assist the IAFC build and expand the Fire Service Executive Development Institute (FSEDI).  Future Fire Chiefs are hand-selected to participate in the FSEDI and through networking, mentoring and leadership training have become the premier fire leaders in our nation.  ESCI has direct access to these premier fire leaders.  We assist them in finding the Fire-Rescue Department that they are best suited to lead, and who will be best served by their individual qualities.


Executive Recruitment and Placement Services:

Update Job Description
We will identify the desired knowledge, skills and abilities (KSAs), experiences, education and training required for a successful applicant to lead your agency.  Our experience in analyzing, and serving in, Fire Chief positions allows us to offer key criteria needed for success.  We will offer a range of fire executive minimum criteria and preferred qualifications to consider, including the limitations and benefits of each set of criteria.

Nationally Advertise the Position
We place advertisements for the position in targeted, high-profile publications, websites and other locations such as the IAFC Daily Dispatch Newsletter, national and regional fire-rescue association websites, diversity-focused fire-rescue associations, your local government websites and job boards, and other locations.  Our goal is to reach the entire fire-rescue community including minority and female applicants.  Some of this advertising comes a no-cost to ESCI since we are the consulting arm of the IAFC, which allows us to keep costs low and still recruit highly qualified applicants.

Cold Sourcing and Referrals
All Emergency Services Consulting staff members are strongly connected to the fire-rescue world.  This provides us with the most extensive network premier fire command staff personnel across the globe.  We will begin our recruitment by contacting applicants who we know have the potential to be exceptional fire leaders as well as applicants who are seen by their peers as a potential fit for your agency.

Identify the Top Applicants
We will first conduct an initial screening of applicants’ resumes to ensure they are well-constructed and contain relevant content.  We will then select applicants who meet or exceed the minimum and preferred criteria established for the position.  This includes a critical evaluation of education, experience, technical knowledge, skills, abilities, achievements, leadership style, and personality traits.

Our executive recruitment process is guaranteed.  In the unlikely event that the selected candidate separates within one year, we will find you one replacement for no additional cost.

Employment History/Background Check
As an Industrial/Organizational Psychologist with extensive expertise in selection, Dr. Fields can clearly state that the number one valid predictor of future success is past success.  Therefore, a reference check is one of the most important parts of checking a candidate’s background.  We will focus our process by asking questions that solicit specific examples of past performance that demonstrate the critical KSAs.

Other Executive Recruitment Services
We provide numerous additional services that are designed to enhance the executive recruitment/selection process and help ensure the success of the selected applicant.  In addition, we provide on-going consultation services that allow you to proactively equip your agency’s leaders with the best tools to ensure successful succession planning.

  • Pre-assessment questionnaires
  • Assessment Interviews and Facilitation of Final Recommendations
  • Assessment Centers and other Assessment Processes
  • Inform All Applicants of their Status
  • Full background investigation
  • Employment history reference check
  • Transition Planning
  • Compensation/Benefits Packages
  • Command Staff Selection and Development
  • Personnel Programs
  • Updated / Continuous Organizational Assessment
  • Strategic Plans / Staffing Analysis