Although much of the world has dramatically come to a halt, the demands on our clients have not. As governmental orders have limited gathering sizes and implemented social distancing practices, ESCI’s Planning & Strategic Services consulting teams have modified our methodologies and practices to continue to meet our client’s needs.

Typically, ESCI uses onsite, in-person meetings to interview stakeholders, assess the condition of facilities and apparatus, conduct community forums, and present final reports. During the COVID-19 epidemic, we are using today’s technologies to conduct all onsite interviews and evaluations virtually.

For instance, for the City of Winchester, Virginia, ESCI’s consultants conducted what was scheduled to be an onsite workshop remotely with GoToMeeting to validate current conditions in a report last week. Another project team used Facetime to do virtual station tours for our Rock Springs, Wyoming, Master Plan project. In that case, the Chief walked around the perimeter of each building, then walked through the station, narrating the features and issues. We are using a similar approach with the Ventura Fire Department, California.

Whatever your department needs, ESCI will find a way.

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