There is not a single individual, business, government agency, or community that is unaffected by the COVID-19 pandemic. As governmental orders have limited gathering sizes and implemented social distancing practices, ESCI’s Human Capital teams have extended our products and services to continue to meet our client’s needs.

ESCI generally conducts personnel testing, assessment centers, and supervisory training onsite. In these unprecedented times, however, we have extended our services to offer testing, interviews, training, and workshops entirely digitally, either through pre-packaged products or virtual meetings with our team.

For example, South Pierce Fire & Rescue, Washington, contracted ESCI to recruit its new Fire Chief. In light of current events, both candidate interviews and the assessment center were conducted virtually.

To gather information from our subject matter experts to develop test content and to validate that content, we hold virtual meetings using a variety of software. 

Our entrance and promotional exams can be purchased directly for any rank or we can customize them to meet your needs.  Both small and large departments are taking advantage of this service. We are offering 25%  discounts on our exams during this crisis. 

Our supervisory and leadership training programs have been conducted online and we can train your trainers to administer live courses at your locations if you choose. We also offer special training for leaders who are facing new challenges with personnel during COVID-19.

We are offering online assessment processes from exercises/simulations to interviews. We can score these exercises online or you can record your applicants, send them to us and we can score them remotely. Again, we will make it work!

As always, for our very large clients who need in-person test administration, we still offer testing with 6’ of distance.  We will make it work so call us and we will find a way.

Reach out to ESCI and let us know how we can best serve you through this crisis.

For more information, see: ESCI modifies its offerings and services to best fit your agency’s needs and ESCI’s Planning & Strategic Services Division respects social distancing as consulting projects evolve.

For assistance, please contact us at: 1-800-757-3724 or

Please visit our Training page for more information about the following:

  • Online tests
  • Online interviews
  • Online executive searches
  • Online supervisory and leadership training needed for the current crisis
  • Discounted entrance exams
  • Discounted off-the-shelf promotional exams