Planning Approaches and Alternatives: Are You Planning Effectively for Your Organization’s Future?

March 1, 2018By esciadminAnnouncements, Blog

In our last blog entry, Master Planning, Strategic Planning and Why You Need Both, we explained the importance of planning in your fire and EMS agency and talked about the difference between master planning and strategic planning.In this installment, we’ll review these additional planning initiatives: Standards of Cover (deployment planning) and Cooperative Efforts Planning.Standards of Cover … Read More

ESCI Announces Fields Consulting Group Acquisition

February 17, 2017By esciadminAnnouncements, Blog

ESCI Announces Fields Consulting Group Acquisition: Emergency Services Consulting International, the consulting arm of the International Association of Fire Chiefs, is pleased to announce a significant expansion of our services and product line with the acquisition of Fields Consulting Group. Exciting new product lines to include: Chief Officer Executive Recruitment and Selection Promotional Testing Development, … Read More

New Project Award

January 23, 2017By esciadminAnnouncements, Blog

ESCI has been awarded a contract for an EMS Delivery System Assessment for the Camas-Washougal Fire Department and East County Fire & Rescue in Clark County, Washington. Winnepeg (CAN) ESCI kicked off a Long Range Master Plan, as well as a Standards of Cover project for the Winnipeg Fire Department Finally – for now – … Read More

Moving Forward or Falling Back: Planning for Your Organization’s Future

July 25, 2016By esciadminAnnouncements, Blog, ESCI, Welcome to ESCI

The Staff of Emergency Services Consulting International (ESCI) will review the changing and dynamic environment of today’s fire service. Learn the basic elements of planning and implementation that maximize opportunities while avoiding unnecessary risk. This will be a quick-paced presentation that will lay out a practical, easy to understand, and realistic approach to planning, implementation … Read More

Succession Planning and Promotional Processes for Success

July 25, 2016By esciadminAnnouncements, Blog, ESCI, Welcome to ESCI

This session will focus on the importance of succession planning and development of credible and successful promotional and executive processes. You will be given the key planning and preparation elements, along with the practical tools and approaches necessary to prepare your future leaders. In addition, you will learn the necessary steps to take and pitfalls … Read More

After the Report is Delivered. A panel discussion hosted by ESCI CEO Sheldon Gilbert

July 25, 2016By esciadminAnnouncements, Blog, ESCI, Welcome to ESCI

Fire chiefs and public safety executives use consultants on a regular basis. These “experts” come into town, dig in your closet and give you a report affirming or revealing realities of your organization. Once the report is delivered and the consultants leave town, the true value, impact and usefulness of the report are revealed. Emergency … Read More