ESCI offers a variety of services to meet you on your career journey. Our Human Capital Division specializes in all career-related services, including:

One-on-One Leadership Coaching

      • Pre-coaching needs assessment.
      • 60-minute phone or video session.
      • Follow up plan from coach.

Resume Review

      • Review the client’s current resume.
      • Offer tips for improvement.
      • Does not include re-writes or edits.

Resume Building

Includes Resume Review (above) plus,

      • Personal consultation.
      • Resume redevelopment.
      • Two rounds of edits.
      • Cover letter.

Resume & Social Media Profile

Services under Resume Building (above) plus,

      • Review/update LinkedIn profile.

Interview Preparation & Promotional Planning

      • Gap analysis and methods to close the gaps—the difference between an applicant’s experience, education, training, and skills as compared to those needed in various executive positions.
      • Interview preparation (we offer a book on these topics).
      • Assessment Center preparation (for executives).
      • Methods to understand the parts of the executive recruitment and selection process.
      • Methods to enhance performance in an executive recruitment and selection process.
      • Methods to gain insider information into your target organization.

Executive Placement

We can help find the right executive position for you.
Contact Dr. Cassi Fields, Vice President, or Jennifer Flaig, Director, Human Capital Division, for more information.