ESCI modifies its offerings and services to best fit your agency’s needs

April 13, 2020By esciadminBlog

The COVID-19 epidemic has impacted every individual, family, and business across the U.S. and globally. The threat poses significant and evolving challenges for our families, communities, businesses, and government agencies. In this unprecedented and uncertain time, ESCI recognizes that each of our clients faces their own unique challenges as they focus on the health and … Read More

ESCI’s Human Capital Division extends its services to become fully digital

April 13, 2020By esciadminBlog

There is not a single individual, business, government agency, or community that is unaffected by the COVID-19 pandemic. As governmental orders have limited gathering sizes and implemented social distancing practices, ESCI’s Human Capital teams have extended our products and services to continue to meet our client’s needs. ESCI generally conducts personnel testing, assessment centers, and … Read More

ESCI’s Planning & Strategic Services Division respects social distancing as consulting projects evolve

April 13, 2020By esciadminBlog

Although much of the world has dramatically come to a halt, the demands on our clients have not. As governmental orders have limited gathering sizes and implemented social distancing practices, ESCI’s Planning & Strategic Services consulting teams have modified our methodologies and practices to continue to meet our client’s needs. Typically, ESCI uses onsite, in-person … Read More

Winchester Fire Department Opens Online Survey

February 11, 2020By esciadminBlog

By: Caroline Morse February 10, 2020   WINCHESTER, Va. (WDVM)–The Winchester Fire and Rescue Department’s public hearing might’ve had plenty of empty seats, but residents asked plenty of questions. “We’re here because we’re concerned about the safety of the citizens,” said President of Winchester Professional Firefighters & Paramedics, Local 3401 Allen Ballenger. “Right now we … Read More

ESCI Conducts Study for Biloxi

February 7, 2020By esciadminBlog

By: Jaylon Morris February 7, 2020 Looking for ways to improve is always important, especially when it comes to first responders and keeping residents on the Coast safe which is why the Biloxi Fire Department requested and received a federal grant to bring in the Emergency Services Consulting International. The ESCI provides consulting work to … Read More

New Partnership Brings Acclaimed Leadership Training to You

January 29, 2020By esciadminBlog

ESCI partners with Kelly Walsh Consulting to bring you new leadership training offerings from an acclaimed program that is available nationwide. Both live academies and online leadership courses are offered, targeting the needs of current and future Company Officers and Chief Officers, whether career or volunteer. Through engaging leadership training academies, Kelly Walsh and her … Read More

Cooperative Efforts/Shared Services Feasibility Studies

September 6, 2018By esciadminBlog

One of the principal challenges emergency services organizations face is dealing with decreasing resources while, at the same time, trying to satisfy demands for new and/or expanded services. More and more, emergency agencies seek alternative strategies to address these and other issues. One option is developing or expanding cooperative relationships with other similar organizations.  There … Read More

Planning Approaches: Operational and Financial Planning

August 29, 2018By esciadminBlog

In the first post in this Planning Approaches series, we explained the importance of planning in your fire-EMS agency and talked about the difference between master planning and strategic planning. In our second Planning Approaches article, we looked more closely at standards of cover, cooperative efforts planning and tactical/operational planning. In this final entry, we briefly introduce the concepts … Read More

Join us for our new webinar series!

August 22, 2018By esciadminBlog

April 30:  The Persistent People Problems Never End and I am Tired of Them! May 28:  Becoming an Inclusive Department. Dr. Fields is the main speaker.  Hi-Ann Lorber, FC Trisha Wilford, and a few other fire chiefs to join in. June 25:  Gender to Gender in F/R:  Where’s the Line?  Guest Speaker:  Randy Langsam, Licensed Healthcare Risk Manager, … Read More

A Fist Full of Bugles: A Fire Chief’s Survival Guide

August 2, 2018By esciadminBlog

This invaluable resource by Fire Chief Scott A. Weninger (Retired) EFO, CFO, ExMPA, will lead you through down-to-earth and practical steps for achieving your fullest potential as a new fire chief. A very special thanks goes to Chief Weninger for sharing this remarkable resource.