Announcing: Succession Planning for Fire and Rescue Organizations

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Emergency Services Consulting International (ESCI), the consulting arm of the International Association of Fire Chiefs, in partnership with Hanifen & Associates, LLC, is excited to offer Succession Management Programs to Fire and EMS Organizations
One of the principal issues that hinders the full potential of any organization is the lack of fully qualified and developed personnel to fill key positions that open each year through employee attrition. The best way to prepare the organization for these openings, as well as ensure success of those that will continue in their current positions, is through a comprehensive Succession Management Program, which includes planning, implementing and tracking progress.  
ESCI and Hanifen offer full on-site succession analysis, planning, and implementation options for a department to develop a fully customized Succession Management Program.  We will deliver a report that describes the results of our data collection effort, our suggested Succession Management Plan, and methods to facilitate the implementation. For additional information, please read the IAFC-approved report titled, Succession Management in the Fire Rescue Service (abstract). 
Please contact Dr. Cassi L. Fields at 703.506.9400 or  ESCI at 1.800.757.3724 or for a no cost initial consultation.