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Upcoming Speaking Engagements

Michigan Fire Chiefs 2016 Fall Conferencemafc

Tuesday, October 18, 2016 at 2:00 pm

Grand Traverse Resort – Farmington Hills, Michigan

Join ESCI CEO, Sheldon Gilbert for the opening keynote presentation “Moving Forward or Falling Back: Planning Your Agency’s Future.

ESCI’s presentation “Moving Forward or Falling Back: Planning for Your Agency’s Future” takes an in-depth look at the changes that face today’s public safety agencies and the importance of planning for the future. Areas discussed include long-range master planning, organizational strategic planning as well as how public safety agencies may pursue shared service delivery thorough cooperative efforts including merger, consolidation and other forms of collaboration. For more information visit  Michigan Associate of Fire Chiefs .

Oregon Fire Service Office Administrators 2016 Conferencenwft-logo

Thursday, October 20, 2016 

Ashland Hills Hotel and Suites in Ashland, Oregon

Join Jack Snook, ESCI Founder for his presentation of “You and Your Boss, Building and Maintaining the Bridge”.  For more information visit Oregon Fire Service Office Administrators.


2016 Oregon Fire Service Conferenceofdd

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Riverhouse Hotel, Bend, Oregon

Join Sheldon Gilbert, ESCI CEO for his presentations at the Oregon Fire Service Conference.

“Making the Pieces Fit Through Cooperative Efforts” at 8:00 AM
Description: As public funds diminish and competition and demands for existing local tax dollars increase many emergency services organizations are looking at alternatives. In many cases a viable option is to engage in cooperative service with neighboring jurisdictions. This dynamic and Informative presentation will use case studies and a broad set of proven tools to assist individuals and agencies in answering questions such as: Why cooperative service? What are the options? What are the short and long-term benefits? What are the risks? Where would savings most likely occur? Are the savings significant? And will the efforts provide enhanced services, capabilities and safety for your communities and personnel.

“Managing the New Reality” at 10:15 AM
This session is designed to assist managers, supervisors, and staff in coping with the challenges of the current environment. ESCI CEO Sheldon Gilbert will share innovative, but proven concepts, principles, and techniques that will not only be informative and useful, but also entertaining. They will discuss what happened to create the current operating environment, including structural deficit issues; tools for your toolbox; innovation and consequences if we don’t change. Also included in the discussion will be quality issues and customer service, the human elements of being successful, the changing environment, and dealing with change. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn and participate as we take a hard look at what is driving the New Reality.

For more information visit Oregon Fire Service Conference.


2016 Fire Chiefs Leadership Seminar league-logo

Tuesday, November 29th, 2016 10:30 am to 11:45 am

Monterrey, California Marriott Hotel

On Behalf of the League of California Cities

Join ESCI Senior Advisor, Jack Snook and Lompoc Fire Chief Kurt Latipow for “Respecting the Past and Moving into the Future”.

In order to achieve the highest level of success and make the most out of life, we must look at our past experiences and future goals; all while living in the present, taking risks and pursuing new adventures along the way. This interactive session will challenge participants to recognize cues from colleagues, customers, and others who have truly made a difference in our lives. The result – an excellent chance to succeed at whatever you attempt.

For more information visit League of California Cities.