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Making the Pieces Fit

Cooperative Service Through Consolidations, Mergers, and Contracts

By Retired Fire Chief Jack W. Snook and Retired Fire Chief Jeff Johnson

Edited By Mary Jo Wagner

We have combined our expertise and knowledge to create a book the fire service has needed and waited for! In the most comprehensive text ever written on the subject, this skill-building book will show you:

  • How to get off to the right start – with over 20 real case studies we give specific guidelines that will help you right away.
  • How to face the organizational challenges associated with the implementation of mergers and consolidations.
  • The keys to producing positive results right away and the pitfalls that sabotage your efforts.

Plus, essential high-powered “how-to” guidelines demonstrated with model programs such as:

  • Over ten years ago, it became apparent that three fire departments, in the Portland Oregon area, were mirrors of one another. Although each department was strong and viable in its own right, the amount of duplication in apparatus, staffing and equipment among the three was substantial – some positions were found in triplicate…


  • Whatever you think the savings are going to be…. Cut them in half.
  • Whatever you think the time line will be…. Double it.

These are two of the principles that help form a successful consolidation or merger.

“One of the most valuable reasons for consolidation is you’re able to specialize and become substantially better at what you do. We clearly are more efficient because we’ve been able to assign people to areas we need to be involved in, such as fire prevention and regulatory issues such as OSHA. We make more money than the single person department does, yet we don’t have to be the generalist that the single person department does”.

David Penicook, Chief, Klamath County Fire
District 1, Oregon

Curious, but not yet convinced?

Here are more compelling reasons you need Cooperative Service through Consolidations, Mergers and Contracts: Making the Pieces Fit. You’ll learn:

  • to determine the feasibility and reasons to look at consolidation or merger
  • what type of cooperative effort is best for your department
  • how to utilize task forces and intergovernmental counsels
  • the fiscal considerations and human concerns and needs

We’ve even enclosed templates of forms to use in the creation and administration of consolidated or merged fire departments.

The thought of consolidation or merging the fire department you’ve called “your department” can cause tremendous anxiety.  We’ve seen the power of cooperative effort. We’ve personally witnessed it in our own department and we’ve witnessed it in the over 100 departments we’ve helped to establish strategic alliances. That is why we wrote Cooperative Service through Consolidations, Mergers and Contracts: Making the Pieces Fit.  A book that will help you decide if you should jump into the cooperative service “abyss” and help you understand how beneficial working with your surrounding departments can be.


Today, you are involved in something big, something different!

The shift to an entirely new type of fire service… a vastly different approach to the way organizations operate. Before long, top management absolutely won’t be able to run things the old way, even if it desperately wants to.  For more than 30 years, Emergency Services Consulting International has been successfully helping large and small fire departments and districts, plan, and implement strategic change.

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